Another example of ‘Normal People’ extreme energy levels

My friend Tinea Agen, front woman for the band Vinyl Richie, was the subject of my very first foray into contemplating How Normal People Eat that later launched a series of interviews.

Like so many people I’ve talked to since who credit their build to genetic luck, Tinea has a seemingly unlimited energy reserve — and never was it more on display than last Saturday night, when Vinyl Richie entertained the crowd at a special needs prom in Fort Wayne.

After a day in which she’d been performing for about seven hours straight — two band practices, leading a music-driven church service, followed by the prom — she came off the stage for the band’s first break, only to hear The B-52s “Love Shack” come over the speakers.

“Let’s dance!” she yelled, plunging out onto the floor.

You could argue that a high energy level is just part of the genetic prize package, that people like Tinea are genetically predisposed toward being busy bees. But people like me are a counterweight to that argument, because not only did my energy level go up after I lost 90 pounds, but so did my metabolism. In fact, as I wrote in this News-Sentinel column last month, I now need about 54 more calories per day more than I did when I was fat, all thanks to my vastly increased energy output.

My favorite photographer

By the way, don’t you just love that photo above, in which an enthusiastic prom-goer climbed on stage and began jamming on his air guitar to “Zombie” by the Cranberries? This is yet another cool photo taken by my husband, Bob, who was fooling around with his new flash for the first time that night.

Every photo that appears on this blog that has any merit whatsoever is invariably taken by him; the fuzzy cell phone shots are mine. When you get a chance, check out the new Photo Gallery page, where I’m going to start compiling some of my favorite photos that have appeared on the blog.

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