Another 3 foods I’ve kicked off my diet

I like to eliminate foods in threes, and for some reason it works even better if I can find a common theme or way to group them. These latest deletions were all things that I ate last week in a three-day “holiday” before Wells Weighs In:

1. McDonald’s Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit

This was my favorite breakfast sandwich for years. At least two decades, I bet. But I hadn’t had one in more than a year before last week’s pre-Wells Weighs In breakfast, and when I unwrapped that sucker I was shocked — and I mean SHOCKED — at how greasy it was.

Can you believe all the grease on there? Naturally I ate it anyway. But I'll never order one of these again.

I might’ve been willing to boot it off my diet based on its stats alone — 420 calories, 37 carbs, 23 grams of fat, 11 Weight Watchers points plus — but what sealed its fate was that this time around, it just didn’t taste that good. So: never again. I’ve got better things to do, and better things to eat, thank you very much.

2. Taco Bell’s Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito

I made many a lunch on these before I lost weight, and I didn’t feel bad about it then because even though each half-pound burrito is 480 calories, I figured as long as that’s all I had, then it was a 480-calorie lunch. Not too bad, right?

When I started Weight Watchers, I noticed the 60 carbs and 21 grams of fat — 10 points then, 12 points now, on the points plus system. Too much for me to splurge on during my weight-loss campaign, but for a while it became my post-weigh in meal.

And then I went months without having one because I couldn’t help thinking that I can get the same satisfaction for a lot fewer points microwaving my own combination of no-fat beans, low-cal queso and low-carb tortilla. I finally had another one this past week, and even though it slid down easily, just as creamy and cheesy as I remembered, I saw no reason to order another one. Like, ever.

3. Dunkin Donuts frosted coffee roll

I never had one of these in my life before last week, when I used it as a “measuring stick” to assess the likely amount of Weight Watchers points in my all-time favorite doughnut, the fried cinnamon roll from Heyerly’s Bakery in Ossian.

The rings on the bottom of the coffee roll look similar to the Heyerly's fried cinnamon

You can tell from the rings on the bottom that both doughnuts are “rolled up” like a classic cinnamon roll before getting the doughnut-fryer treatment. Both have a layer of frosting (caramel at Heyerly’s, maple on the coffee roll) and they’re about the same size.

I figured it was reasonable to conclude that the Heyerly’s model should not be assessed any more Weight Watchers points than the Dunkin Donut model, as that one appeared to be both bigger and heavier (though I wasn’t at home, so I couldn’t weigh them). Based on the website data, the frosted coffee roll is 11 points; I decided from now on I’ll count 10 for the Heyerly’s fried cinnamon.

In terms of the Food Faceoff, though, it was no contest: The coffee roll tasted like a frosted hamburger bun compared with the Heyerly’s model. No point in letting that guy hang around my diet, when there are so many better things to eat in the world.

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1 Response to Another 3 foods I’ve kicked off my diet

  1. bearrunner says:

    I gave up chips recently now I have to give up beer haha


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