How Runners Eat: ‘Bearrunner’ of Nova Scotia

Bearrunner is a marathoner from Nova Scotia prone to whining about the weather — though in his defense the air up there registered a windchill of minus-22 recently, so who can blame him?

During the coldest part of winter he’s prone to grinding out 10-12 miles on a treadmill. With a malfunctioning Mp3 player, no less.

Bearrunner, whose real name is John, lives and works in Halifax, where he’s employed in the health care industry. He hopes to evolve into a triathlete at some point, and he blogs about his runs a couple of times a week.

Q. How long have you been running and what are your proudest moments to date?

A. I took up running the summer prior to entering grade 9 so since I was 13… My proudest moment was crossing the finish line of my first marathon…

Q. How’d you come up with the name Bearrunner?

A. It was a nick name I have had for some time, Bear, and since I run, I added runner to it… Never realized how many Bearrunners existed online, ha ha.

Q. What are your running goals for the year?

A. My running goals this coming year are to PB (personal best) in both the full and a half marathon distance. Had a bad year of running in 2011, I am trying to make up for it in 2012

Q. What’s your favorite place to run up there in Nova Scotia?

A. My favorite place to run in Nova Scotia is the BLT trail. A 50+ km converted rail line to trail for running, walking, biking. Have logged many miles on various portions of this trail. Beautiful scenery passing numerous fresh water lakes and hill top ocean views along the length of the path.

Q. Do you follow a certain diet or food philosophy?

A. I don’t follow any specific philosophy when it comes to diet and food. I tend to eat what I feel like at any particular moment in moderation… I have cut back on snacks, particularly chips and other junk food such as pop and sweets, as of late.

Q. What do you typically eat for breakfast? (Is that your pre-workout meal? If not, what do you eat before a workout?)

A. For breakfast I tend to eat a Quaker granola bar and toast with Peanut Butter and coffee :) I tend to eat the same before a workout. If I am running more than 13 miles, for an LSD (long steady distance), I will usually eat oatmeal or another high calorie cereal and an electrolyte beverage.

Q. Do you load up on pasta the night before a race, or do you do something else?

A. I eat pasta the evening prior to a race… I love pasta and believe in the philosophy of carb-loading and fueling the body. I will usually eat pasta before a LSD run greater than 12 miles as well.

Q. What’s your biggest weakness, food-wise? Does it bug you when you succumb, or do you not fret about it?

A. My biggest weakness is chips, sweets and McDonalds!!!… I will usually succumb to them in modeation if I desire them. I am a believer that it is worse to deny yourself something than to allow your body to have something it craves… in moderaton!

Q. What’s your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant?

A. I love Greek food and if I had to choose a resteraunt I absolutely love, it would be “It’s all greek to me.”

Q. Imagine you’ve been deported to the U.S. and find yourself on Death Row. What would you request as your last meal on Earth, assuming it could be anything you like, prepared by anyone you choose, living or dead?

A. I would request McDonalds Quarter Pounder Meal with Coke! I have a weakness for McD’s and if I had to request a last meal, that’s what it would be… I would want my parents to prepare it for me :)

Q. How do you adjust your diet during injuries and periods of less running?

A. I tend to cut back on grains and snacks… I generally eat the same whether I am training or in a rest period. I find I am usually hungry and if given the option, I could eat all the time. If I had to take an extended period of rest I would avoid pop and sweets and high calorie foods (most of the time).

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

A. Just that I enjoyed filling this out!


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  1. bearrunner says:

    Great post… Very well written! You are a great writter and enjoy your posts very much 🙂 Thank you 🙂


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