Belated book for belated blog anniversary

Funny how the one-year anniversary of this blog came and went this past week without my noticing.

January 19 marked one year for the blog, two years since the official start of my weight loss.

This 99-cent e-book is now available on for kindle. (It's temporarily unavailable on while I update that version to match this one.)

But this has been a crazy month. Between finishing up the e-book — now, finally, right this very minute available on for just 99 cents (with a free app here if you want to read this and other Kindle books on your pc) — and starting a newspaper column (debuting Monday in The News-Sentinel and right now on, and keeping up with daily blog posts and four kids navigating public school, home school, swim team and now, the college-decision end game, I’ve been, well, kinda swamped.

You know, I always wanted to get back into writing at some point. Never  got away from it, really — been journaling like crazy these last 18 years, just got away from publishing (or finishing) anything I’d written. But I never expected to be writing about diet and fitness.

Still, that’s where I’m at. Not the topic I would’ve chosen, but the topic that chose me. This isn’t the book I expected to write, either. But it’s the first one I felt compelled to finish, and maybe it will even do some good. Who knows.

I’ve come to think of what I do on this blog as some tiny, unglamorous and, let’s face it, occasionally humiliating corner of what they call “citizen science.” Personal research into how and why people (especially me) eat the way they do. Except that what I do isn’t very scientific. Just detailed.

I’d like to think the blog, and the book — an evolving framework of the ideas I’ve been exploring in this space — is my way of passing on what I’ve learned. But of course it’s also self serving in that I’ve used it to try to figure out what goes on in my own head and to hold myself accountable.

Would I have maintained my loss without the blog? I like to think that running, and blathering about my dietary anxieties to my sister on those runs, and trying to maintain active lifetime status at Weight Watchers by weighing in “at goal” once a month would‘ve been enough to achieve that. But the blog has clearly made a difference, and continues to do so.

So, happy birthday, blog. Let’s see what this next year brings.

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