My new Mexican restaurant reality

For a while after I lost weight I stayed away from Mexican restaurants, because I could never seem to stop myself from cleaning my plate. And those plates are enormous, right?

Well, I still can’t resist cleaning my plate at Mexican restaurants. But now I don’t worry about it since I started ordering chicken fajitas, like this tasty batch last night at Rincon Mexicano in Cincinnati*.

I skip the beans, rice and tortillas, but that still leaves you with a heaping mound of spicey chicken and grilled veggies. As far as I’m concerned, the guacamole is an excellent cheese substitute, providing a tangy source of healthy fat.

We got a little exercise after dinner by jogging into the theater 15 minutes late (but in plenty of time, given the number of trailers) to catch the new “Sherlock Holmes” movie, then came back to our hotel to swim and check out the fitness room.

When we went up to our room afterward, the kids made a late-night snack out of my beans, rice and tortillas we brought back from the restaurant.

*Why are we in Cincinnati, you ask? We go somewhere every year for my birthday present, just a one-or-two night getaway after Christmas. Though we’ve driven through Cincinnati many times, we’ve never stopped here with the kids in tow, so we thought it would be fun to do a bit of exploring here.

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