Engine run-on

Here’s another vocabulary word for my emerging glossary of dietary terms:

“Engine run-on” is what happens when your eating machine doesn’t shut down immediately after you thought you turned the ignition off.

Given my periodic problems with "engine run-on," makes me wonder if this is the kind of "horsepower" I'd find under the hood.

For me, this happens most frequently when I go over my allotted total of Weight Watchers points for the day. If I’m still in range of a good score, each bite is measured and precise,  carefully calibrated.

But if I go over, even by a single point, then my eating machine perceives that the game has changed. It doesn’t exactly disregard the “off” signal it receives, but it sometimes takes its own sweet time sputtering to a stop.

Update: What I reported the other day as a “torn shoulder muscle” now appears to be a pinched nerve, according to the orthopedic guy I saw on Monday. I’m starting physical therapy today, which hopefully will help me regain some mobility — and ideally, get back to running soon.

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