A fun (and healthy) new Thanksgiving tradition

The Galloping Gobbler is like Fort Wayne’s version of the Macy’s Day Parade.

I don't suppose the lady in the turkey suit had trouble keeping warm this morning!

There aren’t any floats, but there are plenty of costumes, pageantry and festive holiday spirit. And anyone — walkers and runners alike — can participate in the four-mile winding procession from Saint Francis University through historic Lindenwood Cemetery.

I ran this last year for the first time, eager for the opportunity to start our national day of feasting with a chance to burn off 400 calories or so. But it was so much fun, with a band playing and a live turkey on the premises and such a great crowd, I think I’d want to go even if I weren’t a runner. It sure beats the heck out of watching some other city’s celebration on TV.

Ben and I ponder how to wedge our way into the vast crowd at the starting line. It took us three minutes to move up to the starting line once the gun went off!

Ben ran with me this year, though my sister Traci had to bail out due to a shift in her hosting schedule.

I’m posting a couple of pictures Bob took this morning. Check back Monday, my usual day for running posts, for more photos and a report on how the race went from a runner’s perspective.

Loved the guys running in their jammies!

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