Dooley noted*

Flipping through one of those can-do, positive thinking guides at the library recently, I came across an anecdote that resonated.

Mike Dooley the author

The author was recounting the time he bought an expensive suit to pump himself up for a job interview, only to be momentarily flummoxed when the salesman asked him his occupation.

At that point in his life, the guy’s primary occupation was looking for work. But instead of revealing this information, he brashly answered: “I’m a public speaker.”

And now he is one, which is often what happens when you’re a New York Times bestselling author.

Linda Duesler

His anecdote reminded me of something Linda Duesler told me, about how she was hoop dancing in her driveway one day when someone asked her if she were an instructor.

Duesler**, who was in the process of losing 100 pounds and had just returned from a real-estate seminar in which the speaker encouraged participants to quit pining for things but to simply declare that they are whatever they are trying to become, responded: “Yes, I am.”

And now she is.

"Our" Mike Dooley

The book, “Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic,” is a little nutty. But I could deal with it if it weren’t for one thing: The author’s name, which happens to be the same as a beloved, crusty, iconic reporter who recently passed away.

“Can you imagine our Mike Dooley saying something like this?” I asked my husband, reading him a quote about how treating a crappy job as if it’s your dream job can “spark the kind of life changes that will yield your dream job.”

“Well, no,” he said. “But the universe is big enough to accommodate an infinite array of Mike Dooleys.”

Dooley on his turf, downtown Fort Wayne

*“Dooley Noted” was the name of the column our Mike Dooley wrote for many years in The News-Sentinel. The link above is a collection of excerpts Bob put together for the paper after Dooley’s death in August. Here’s another link, to one of my favorite Mike Dooley news stories, in which he got stuck covering the Vera Bradley outlet sale at Fort Wayne’s Memorial Coliseum.

**Duesler is also the subject of a story about fitness hooping published in Monday’s News-Sentinel. Here’s a link to that story on the paper’s website, and here’s a link to an interview on this blog about her weight loss changed her life.

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