90in9 Day 6: Hitting 60 in deafening silence

We’re not talking anymore. Which is not a good sign, because we‘ve only just begun Thursday’s run.

Running in the rain

Maybe it’s because it seems like we just finished last night’s run.
Maybe it’s the rain pelting our faces.
Maybe we’re just getting sick of each other.

Whatever it is, neither of us is inclined to waste energy forming thoughts into words. And neither one of us has an Ipod.

I feel guilty because this whole thing was my idea. I wanted 90in9 to stand for something besides lost fat. I didn’t even intend to get my sister in on this, but she didn’t want to be left out. And it makes sense, because as my personal trainer turned running partner, Traci had an awful lot to do with that original 90in9 project.

For the first few days, it seemed like providence rewarded turning this into a joint adventure. If I’d started when I intended, on my own, rather than moving the start date back a few days to better accommodate Traci, I would’ve been slogging through a four-day monsoon.

Working together, we made better choices: Which routes made the best fit each day. The best way to attack the mileage. On Tuesday, running this same route — from our parents’ place to Vera Cruz and then toward the state park — we’d come up with a brilliant strategy that now strikes us as loathsome. We’re in no mood to double back, don’t feel like running twice today to break up the mileage yet aren’t crazy about anything we’ve come up with to get in enough miles to stay on track.

Just then Dad calls. We explain our problem, and he offers a solution from his running days: We should keep running past their road, get in the extra 3 miles we need without turning back around to face the wind, and then he’ll haul us back.

Too weary to offer much debate, we nod and just keep trudging along. We’ll be a bit short today by a few tenths of a mile, but we’ve got some extra tenths built up from other runs. It will all even out.

Friday will be more of a challenge. With Traci working another all-nighter and me taking Rowan on a college visit and then conflicting evening plans, we’ll have to each run on our own.

Maybe that’s a good thing. We’ll see.

Hopefully by this weekend we’ll have our momentum back. If Traci can still walk by then. She didn’t say much about her sore hip during the run, but she was limping as she left.

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