Fort Wayne City Councilwoman Karen Goldner’s diet strategy

Karen Goldner is wearing her skinny jeans now, in the final days of her re-election campaign for Fort Wayne City Council’s 2nd district.

She’s dropped at least 20 pounds, according to her Facebook updates, where she claims it’s due to all that walking on the campaign trail and allergy meds that tend to suppress her appetite.

But there’s got to be more to the story than that. Or is there?

Q. Are you eating the same foods as you were before, just less?

A. Yes, a LOT less. Between no appetite from Zirtec D/allergies and stress, and being busy, and then really enjoying the weight loss, I have not had trouble eating less. Whether I can keep that going is the big question. I have generally stopped eating breakfast, having chai tea with milk instead. I know that is a terrible habit but it is working with me. Lots of days this summer I had milk in the morning and perhaps a sandwich, and that was all I wanted to eat.

Q. How are you handling all the public eating opportunities/expectations that come with running for office?

A. I have had remarkably few dinners to attend, and it is actually easier to politic at a cocktail party when you aren’t eating. I did have a luncheon last week and I asked for smaller portions (it was a buffet). Then I skipped dessert and had the waitress move it to another table before I weakened 🙂

Q. Is this the first time you’ve really had to deal with shedding some weight?

A. The first time I lost weight successfully was in my late 30’s on Weight Watchers. That was great. Then I gained it all back and went back to WW in my early 40’s. It was much, much harder then. Two years ago I lost 10 pounds accidentally with the Zirtec diet, but gained it all back, too. This is the most weight I have lost since my first time on WW.

Q. What do you do when you’ve had a bad day?

A. When I’ve had a bad day? I’m not eating for it anymore, or at least not much. Usually I talk with a friend (and sometimes have a glass or two of wine, which I also know is not a good idea).

So I am not suggesting that this has been the healthiest way to lose weight but it’s worked for me so far. We shall see!

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