The 90in9 Challenge: 12.3 miles down, 77.7 to go

“What the heck?” fumed my sister via text message yesterday morning. “Why did you already run? Aren’t we doing a 10 this afternoon?”

What a great day for a run! Heading back on the Greenway ...

Traci, who played a huge role in my 2010 weight loss, graciously agreed to do the 90in9 challenge with me this week. But it became clear on day one that we hadn’t compared notes very closely on our game plan.

Because of our hectic schedules and Traci’s recurring joint pain, I was concerned that some of the times we’d set aside for running would get scuttled. Worried about falling behind in our goal of 10 miles per day, I’d thought it made sense to “bank” a few miles here and there — starting with an easy 2-mile jog around 3:30 a.m. yesterday, before I got ready for work.

But Traci, it turned out, didn’t want to mess around with running multiple times a day, preferring to do our 10s “all at once, to get it out of the way.” She also didn’t like getting left out — or my getting ahead of her in mileage. (In that respect, she hasn’t changed much since we were kids.)

We had plenty of time to smooth out our plan during our afternoon 10-miler from the Bluffton Hardee’s to the Ouabache State Park campground. After all this crappy weather we’d been having, it was a perfect day for running. If Traci’s hip was hurting her, she never mentioned it.

Before yesterday, I’d been treating this challenge like just another nutty idea recently escaped from my overly active imagination. Something interesting to try, without too much at stake, and a charitable donation ($1 per mile to the American Cancer Society) to make it more worthwhile.

Now, seeing my baby sister with her game face on, I suddenly perceive there’s more at stake here than I realized….

Heading out of Ouabache State Park

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