Premature inhalation

Here’s something I bet Andy Downs has never had to deal with: Inhaling  the equivalent of a meal before you sit down to eat.

This was me yesterday, vacuuming up carbs in the kitchen...

This still happens to me all the time, even though I‘ve maintained my goal weight for just two weeks short of a year now.

Just yesterday, in fact, I got pretty hungry while waiting for my potato to bake*, and — here’s the added layer of difficulty you encounter working from home — I wound up eating some Fig Newtons, a banana and a couple of graham crackers before the potato emerged from the oven.

So … that was lunch. No baked potato for me. Not nearly as satisfying as sitting down to a hot meal, but that’s what happens when you succumb to “premature inhalation.”

*Yes, I might’ve avoided this situation by microwaving my potato, cutting a good 50 minutes off the baking time. However, I still have three kids around at lunchtime, so it was easier to just put everybody’s potato in the oven.
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