The referee is always right

Lately it seems like I have a tendency to lowball entries in my food log.

Every time that happens, I think of this phrase from a blogger who calls himself the Anti-Jared: “The house always wins.” Meaning: You can’t lie to your body about what you’re putting in your mouth. The truth always comes out in the end.

It’s a great post from a great blog, a really funny guy. Still, while I get the intent of what he’s saying, the phrase itself doesn’t quite work for me. Here’s why:

Before I lost weight, I think I would’ve subconsciously registered “the house always wins” as yet another indication that the deck was stacked against me. That if I made a positive change over here, it would automatically be undone by an unconscious misstep over there.

I would resolve to, say, rinse off every serving and cooking spoon in the sink rather than lick the mashed potatoes off with my tongue, which seemed like it could really add up to lot of calorie savings over time — especially since I was prone to using a rubber spatula to scrape every last bit out of the pan. But then I wouldn’t see any movement on the scale, and I always figured that somehow I was compensating for that calorie savings by loading up somewhere else.

The house always wins.

For me, I think a better phrase might be, “The referee is always right.” A realization that my judgment on any call involving food is likely to be biased. Better to count the amount of crackers in a handful, measure how much peanut butter’s on my knife. ‘Cause I don’t always believe what I see.

Actually, I’m not sure that quite nails that sentiment, either. But that’s what I’m going with until something better comes along.

BTW: Thanks to Skip for pointing me to this post, a while back.


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1 Response to The referee is always right

  1. Skip Cunningham says:

    I often find myself thinking that some kind of food can’t possibly have [insert huge number] calories, or that it won’t matter just this once. It’s easy to do that every day, too. I like the ref. The ref knows.

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