Earning, then spurning, a double dose of cake

Annie-Bananie got an ice cream cake for her 99th birthday. She reported she doesn't feel any older, and she certainly doesn't feel 99 -- however that's supposed to feel.

I told myself that after running 13.1 miles Saturday morning, I could eat cake at both birthday parties on the day’s agenda: Annie-Bananie’s 99th and my niece Madison’s 13th.

Traci and I at the finish line of the Parlor City Trot mini marathon

The funny thing was, I didn’t feel like it. Not that I was queasy from the Parlor City Trot. If anything, I was amazed how good I felt during the race. I think it was just the Nash nutrition factor at work. He says running makes him crave healthier food, and I guess the farther you run, the more that principle comes into play.

So I grabbed a banana from the Ouabache River Runners’ stash, then stopped at Kroger for a nectarine and a big container of mixed berries. It’s hard to believe that anything, even Annie-Bananie’s ice cream cake, could’ve tasted better than all that juicy fruit did right then.

I’ll have a more detailed report on the race tomorrow. For now I just want to say that I‘m grateful Annie-Bananie got out of the hospital in time for her birthday, and I‘m even more grateful that my Uncle Dan finally went home from the hospital yesterday after some really serious heart trouble that saw him spend an entire week on a ventilator.

Can you believe Madison's fancy cake came from Walmart?

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