Cassie kills a dinosaur

Cassie was carrying her plate into the kitchen yesterday when she noticed an open bag of tortilla chips on the counter. She paused for just a moment before depositing her dish in the sink.

“You know what, Mom?” she said. “I almost grabbed a handful of chips. But then I remembered what that boy said in that book — how cravings  are like dinosaurs, and you can make them go extinct if you don’t feed them.”

She giggled gleefully, remembering the image from teenager Taylor LaBaron‘s “Cutting Myself in Half.” I’d found the book helpful during my weight loss, and she’d picked it up one day while looking for something to read. LaBaron lost nearly 150 pounds when he was 14. Cass, who just turned 12, was fascinated by his story.

Earlier in the day the kids had reactivated the Wii Fit board, which informed Cassie she was down 16.9 pounds from her peak weight last year. She was pleased, but not surprised.

Long before the rest of the gang got involved in this spring’s Wells Weighs In contest, Cassie had adopted my habit of measuring serving sizes. That one change had peeled off several pounds. Experimenting with a food journal and joining the summer swim team accounted for the rest of it.

Now, she announced she was making another change.

“I’ve decided I don’t want to eat chips anymore,” she said. “They’re nothing but fat.”

That’s probably not a bad move, given a recent study that shows potato chips, more than any other food, contribute to gradual weight gain. I rarely buy those anyway, though we sometimes have tortilla chips in the house.

Funny how one bag lasts a lot longer than it used to around here. If the rest of us follow Cassie’s lead, they’ll disappear for good. Just like the dinosaurs.

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2 Responses to Cassie kills a dinosaur

  1. lesemann says:

    Yay, Cassie! I recently put on some weight, on a week’s vacation. I just was not paying attention, snacking here and there – not eating mindfully. Ouch – that visit to the scale hurt! Now I am thinking about what’s going into my mouth. Hopefully, the extra will come off soon, and I, too, will get the Wii fit board out again..

    Cassie, you’re an inspiration. Amy

  2. I love this. I really do.

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