On going forward

I’ve been trying to think about why the world needs this blog.

Obviously there are a lot of diet/fitness blogs out there. If I’m going to continue this one, I don’t really want to just rehash the same stuff everybody else is talking about. There is certainly some benefit in doing this purely for accountability purposes, but for me that only works if I feel like I‘m helping other people at the same time.

Thus the question: How can I most be of use here, within this space, on this topic?

My goal when I started this blog Jan. 18, exactly one year after starting my “undefeated season of weight loss” — in which I lost weight every week for 37 straight weeks, 90 pounds in 9 months — was simply to figure out how that happened and make that information available to others.

Shortly afterward my husband and all four kids entered a county weight-loss contest. To help support them and others in the program, I decided I’d try to blog every day until the end of the contest. Which was last week, May 19.

So I’m going to take a couple of days off now. And when I come back on Monday, I want to have a better idea of what purpose I can serve here. Here are my loose ideas on that at this point:

  • I’m likely to continue Monday posts on running, simply because I love doing it and I love thinking about it. (Though if you want expert advice, you should look elsewhere.)
  • I’m hooked on “How ‘Normal People’ Eat” interviews. I’ve learned more from talking to ordinary people about how they eat than from years of reading diet books. I’ll probably be adding a “Normal People Notebook” feature in which I look at some of the patterns emerging there.
  • I’d like to do more interviews with “Weight Loss Masters,” people who’ve lost weight and kept it off at least a couple of years, along with “Laudable Losers” like Tim and Marsha, who’ve accomplished some remarkable things but are still in the process.
  • I want to better organize ideas and information presented here, like compiling my top 90 tips I found most helpful and organizing various visualization strategies into a possible “mental video game” format.
  • “Tasty treats” will simply become “What We’re Eating” — an acknowledgment of the fact that not all the foods I write about are universally appealing (or prepared at home, for that matter.)
  • Finally, even though Wells Weighs In is now over, Team Caylor will continue its quest to graduate from “fat family” to “fit family” status, so I’ll offer periodic updates on that process.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll see you Monday.

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3 Responses to On going forward

  1. Marsha says:

    I love your blog and want to be able to continue reading it. I like all your ideas. I don’t read a lot of blogs, and only a couple dealing with weight loss/fitness so not lots to compare to, but you cover lots of angles so things are always fresh and interesting. One of my favorites you do is How Normal People Eat. I’m always interested in food ideas. And I love hearing what your family is doing to to lose weight…or anything else they are doing. Enjoy your break and the holiday weekend. I’ll look forward to your return next week.

  2. Ragu says:

    Tanya, your blog has quickly become a must-read for me. It’s inspirational and educational–heads and shoulders above the bulk of “look at me” weight loss diaries out there. Congrats on your undefeated season, and I hope you continue to keep me company (at least virtually) on mine.

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