Team Caylor’s final weigh-in

Team Caylor left Bluffton Regional Medical Center after yesterday’s  final Wells Weighs In session feeling a bit like the Chicago Cubs.

“We’ll do better next year,” Colleen vowed.

“No,” said Ben, reflexively disagreeing with his little sister. But for once he wasn’t just picking a fight. “We should just keep this up. Keep weighing in every week. Keep doing what we’re doing.”

For the record, Team Caylor’s unofficial loss in the 4-month program came to a little over 36 pounds. Ben and Cassie each lost a little over 10 pounds, Bob lost just under 10 pounds, and Colleen wound up a bit more than 6 pounds lighter.

Rowan was the family’s biggest loser, dropping 12 pounds even though her Prom Bound team failed to make it to the finish line. (Two teammates who’d been struggling were out of town for yesterday’s weigh-in).

She’s 3 pounds from her goal and plans to keep going until she gets there. During a ride from one event to another on a hectic day, I asked her if she thinks she would’ve lost the weight without the contest.

“Probably,” she said. “But this definitely kept me more accountable. And I liked having that pass to the Y.”

We never found time yesterday for a family picture with the stacks of  canned food representing the kids’ total weight loss of 38 pounds. But as I reported last week, the kids voted to send their donation to help the victims of the Alabama tornadoes. And the best way to do that, we decided, was to give a monetary contribution to the American Red Cross. That way nothing has to be transported, vouchers can be issued directly to the victims, and the food is purchased in the affected area, helping the local economy.

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