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Small changes paying off

Team Caylor registered a 21.4 pound loss after one month in our county’s weight-loss contest, Wells Weighs In. As coach, I was pleased with our team’s “balanced scoring” — the three kids each lost at least 4 pounds, while my … Continue reading

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The “unfair metabolism” principle

In a recent post I attempted to shoot down the “unfair metabolism” principle by suggesting that thinner people tend to have different eating patterns than heavier people, whether they realize it or not. I still think that’s true, and I … Continue reading

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The game within the game

On Weight Watchers, every time you downshift 10 pounds you deduct one point from your daily intake. To help me adjust, I would challenge myself to eat only 1 point worth of food at a time on the first day … Continue reading

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The positive side of a negative number

Gotta be honest here: There’s a part of me that’s squeamish about doing this blog. For a long time I wouldn’t even tell people how much weight I’d lost. I just wanted people to gradually “forget” I was once fat. … Continue reading

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Our Valentine candy strategy

It probably sounds nuts for a dieting family to keep a candy jar in the house, but we do. I want my kids to develop a skill I never did — the ability to deal with the presence of “treats” … Continue reading

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1 year later, 184 pounds lighter

They don’t make anniversary cards for people celebrating a year’s worth of weight loss, but if they did, I can’t think of anyone more deserving than Tim, a family friend and former college athlete who’s shed 184 pounds since last … Continue reading

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Guilt-free Valentine treat

My original plan was to streamline Grandma Decker’s cherry pie recipe. I got as far as a whole wheat-applesauce crust makeover, but couldn’t find tart cherries at the store. Here’s what I did find:  Great Value No Sugar Added Cherry … Continue reading

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Tortoise takes lead in weight-loss race

Ben and Colleen, the most fired-up members of Team Caylor, zoomed out ahead of the pack early on, both losing 5 pounds in their first week on the Wells Weighs In program. But Bob, who got off to a slow … Continue reading

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Spending to lose

Sometimes I wonder if I would’ve tackled my weight problem sooner if I hadn’t been working so hard to save money on our food bill. Even now, it’s hard to resist a coupon-sales price match that takes the price of … Continue reading

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The Pink Lady at the crossroad

I’ve never been good at telling myself no when I’m hungry, even when I just think I am. Usually for me it works better to just eat something, write it down, and move on. But it always feels like there’s … Continue reading

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