The Dairy Queen alien intervention

Colleen, Rowan and I stopped at a Dairy Queen this week for their Tuesday afternoon half-price sale. There was a time when Colleen would’ve asked for a giant sundae and Rowan would’ve ordered grilled cheese and fries, but this time Colleen wanted a small vanilla cone and Rowan chose a small Arctic Blast. They still like treats, but they’re scaling back. Fitting them in.

The funny thing is, I realized there was absolutely nothing on the menu that tempted me. I mean, ice cream always sounds good, but I’ve become calorie and points-conscious enough that I didn’t want theirs — not even a small cone. Those are five points, and I kept thinking what I could make myself at home for five points: Half a cup of fat free no sugar added ice cream* for 2 points, with 1/4 cup of uncooked oats for another 2 points. I could add a sliced banana for free, and maybe a point’s worth of chocolate syrup.

Amazingly, I think what I now crave most in that homemade banana split is the oats and banana. (And I‘m not the only one. We‘ve been going through both at an alarming rate around here; you‘d think we were boarding horses and chimps.) The ice cream is almost becoming more of a condiment. I can save two points by subbing it out for fat free whipped topping, which really works about as well.

Is this really me typing this, or has my brain been hijacked by aliens?

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