Retooling the 1-point game

The good news: Hershey’s Sugar-Free chocolate-flavored syrup is only 15 calories and zero fat for 2 tablespoons. The bad news: It’s so awful you can barely choke it down.

I was really bummed about this, because I was visualizing the ultimate zero-point Weight Watchers snack: sliced banana with fat free Cool Whip and diet chocolate syrup. But it turns out you can sub in a tablespoon of regular chocolate syrup and still come away with just 1 point.

Last week I wrote about the 1-point game, in which I went an entire day eating just 1 Weight Watchers point at a time so I didn’t feel deprived every time I lost another 10 pounds and had to deduct a point from my daily total. I’ve been trying to devise a good 1-point game for Colleen using the points+, and it’s tricky, because with the points inflation, there aren’t that many obvious items that are still just a single point. Not even Weight Watchers has been able to do that with their products. Snack bars and frozen desserts that once had just 1 point because of the high fiber-to low fat and calories ratio now have 2 or even 3 points now that they‘re factoring in the carbs.

But if the goal of this game is to stretch out a new lower points total, to give yourself a day where you eat a bunch of food at a time when you may be feeling insecure about having a point shaved off, the best thing to do is just eat a bunch of fresh fruit. Looking back through my “score sheets” from when I played the 1-point game with the old program, I see several instances where my single points came from a cup of  grapes or blueberries. I could only eat half a banana at a time, playing that game by those rules.

If I were to try to reprogram this game for points+, I might make the object of the game to rack up as many “free items” as possible: Grapes, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries.  Banana, apple, orange. Kiwi. Pomegranate. Watermelon. Muskmelon. There’s 12 right there, and if I understand the rules correctly, you can repeat any of these items during the day, as long as they’re fresh or even frozen or canned with no added syrup, sugar or juice. Scan the produce aisle at Meijer and you could probably come up with even more. And we haven’t even gotten to the veggies yet.

For protein, you could have a three egg-white omelet for a single point. Or 1/4 cup of black beans, or a teaspoon of peanut butter or half a cup of milk.

I can see we’re going to have to try this real soon. And when we do, we’ll almost certainly come back to the dressed-up banana. Because on a day when every other item is snowy white in its purity, a dollop of fat free whipped topping and a drizzle of chocolate syrup can seem like an unreal extravagance.

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2 Responses to Retooling the 1-point game

  1. Tonya, I tried the SF Hershey’s syrup too and agree, it is awful. Most SF stuff I’ve bought for my mom who is diabetic is good, esp the SF cake mixes/frosting, pancake syrup, cookies. I think back to how few options my grandma had as a diabetic. Anything is better than just plain jello for dessert! Good blog. I’ll try to follow.

  2. tischcaylor says:

    Hey, thanks for the tip(s). We hope to be trying more sugar-free and reduced-sugar options, including Xylitol.

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