1 year later, 184 pounds lighter

They don’t make anniversary cards for people celebrating a year’s worth of weight loss, but if they did, I can’t think of anyone more deserving than Tim, a family friend and former college athlete who’s shed 184 pounds since last Feb. 13.

Everyone who knows Tim has been astonished by his feat — and his discipline. To mark the occasion, he agreed to answer a few questions via e-mail:

Q. What motivated you to get started?

A. For a couple of years before starting it was becoming a reality that I might not see my 50th birthday if I didn’t do something about my weight. The real trigger that got me started was a very good friend of mine shared with me he was going to have gastric bypass surgery. I was going to prove to everyone who knew us both that I could do it the “hard” way and get equal or better results.
Q. What method did you use? Do you count calories or carbs or what?
A. Yes, all the above. Calorie restriction, very little to no simple carbs, no saturated fats, very little to no processed foods, and no “junk”. Basically, it is fresh lean proteins, fresh vegatables, and fresh fruits. It is not always done but I try to keep the “other food items” to less than 10% of my daily calorie consumption. Like anything else, once you have done it for a while it becomes second nature and is no longer a big deal.
Q. Can you describe a typical day before you started vs. a typical day now?

A. Before I started: Get up, not eat breakfast at home, leave for work and stop and get some fatty breakfast sandwich or two. Work till lunch then stop at fast food again and get 2 of the biggest hamburgers on the menu. Finish up work, go home, take care of the absolutely necessary chores and then either order pizza, eat something deep fried I picked up on the way home, or make something in a very large quantity that was always not so healthy. In my recliner by 6:30, watch TV, either eat leftovers from dinner or chips, ice cream, pop corn around 9-10 p.m..
Now: Get up, get some chores done around the house, get ready for work, have breakfast — either fruit, oatmeal, or egg beaters. Leave for work. 10 a.m. snack, some kind of fruit. Around noon, fruit or some kind of lean protein w/vegetable. 3 p.m. snack, more fruit or vegetable. When I am home from work I either do more chores or work on a project I have started, go to the gym or work out for 60-90 min, 7:30-8 prepare dinner of some kind of lean protein with vegetable(s). In my recliner 9-9:30, watch some TV and finish up work. Depending on what time I eat dinner I will have a snack of fruit around 10ish.
Q. Did you have any false starts, or times when you were ready to quit? If so, how did you get back on track?
A. I did not have any false starts but I can tell you I will never forget day three for as long as I live. I came so close to quiting multiple times that day. I look to God each and every day for the strength and courage to make me healthy again. I believe God is what got me through day 3 without breaking.
Q. How much more weight do you want to lose?
A. I still have another 40-50 lbs. I want to lose (wont really know exactly how much till I get there)
Q. Are you doing anything to celebrate?
A. Not really. As you know throughout the process there are many celebrations along the way. Buying new smaller clothes out of necessity, very kind warm-hearted compliments from people you know, and a clean bill of health. I have been celebrating every day for several months now.

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3 Responses to 1 year later, 184 pounds lighter

  1. Chas and Linda Isch says:

    Tim, we have been very impressed with what you have been able to accomplish this past year. Its been interesting watching both you and Tanya achieve something many, many people have tried to do and have failed. We know you will continue this journey, and we wish you success each and every day.

  2. Tim says:

    Thank You Very Much! I can only hope my success along with Tanya’s success and the unlimited great suggestions she posts in this blog can help inspire anyone wanting to seek their own journey.

  3. Bob Caylor says:


    Outstanding achievement! I’m looking forward to seeing you again, which doesn’t happen nearly as often now that Brian and Dawn’s kids are past the big family-and-friends birthday parties. One thing I’d be interested in hearing more about is the routine you use at the gym.

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